Indy-Lee, the first student to take advantage of the Tablelands University Centre

Regional University Study Hub located on the Atherton Tablelands

Indy-Lee, a bright and motivated 16-year-old living regionally on the Tablelands, has always harboured big dreams of pursuing higher education to support career progression.

Diligently working two jobs – one at a local café and one in aged care – to financially support herself while studying a Certificate III in Hospitality, Indy-Lee has found that limited access to study resources and technology has often posed challenges to staying on top of her study commitments.

That all changed when she heard about the opening of the Tablelands University Centre (TUC), supported by the Australian Government through the Regional University Centres Program. The TUC, located at VPG’s Community Hub in Atherton, was established to provide regional, rural, and remote students like Indy-Lee access to higher education opportunities and resources. Excited about the prospect of having a dedicated space to study and connect with peers, Indy-Lee was the first student to register with the TUC.

“I was so excited when I heard about the Tablelands University Centre,” said Indy-Lee with enthusiasm. “I work two jobs and I’m currently studying a Certificate III in Hospitality. The TUC’s flexible opening hours work perfectly for me. I can come and go when I need, which is amazing.”

With the TUC now available to her, Indy-Lee’s study experience has transformed. No longer reliant on her mobile phone to complete coursework at home, she now has access to computers and study resources at the TUC, making her studies much more efficient and effective.

“The TUC has made studying so much easier for me,” said Indy-Lee. “I can now complete my assessments on a computer at the TUC, which has really improved my productivity. I’m able to study at my own pace and I hope to complete my course even sooner.”

In addition to the resources, Indy-Lee is also thrilled about the opportunity to connect with fellow students at the TUC. She is looking forward to meeting other students who are studying the same course as her, so they can collaborate and support each other in their studies.

“As the first student, I’m really looking forward to meeting other students as they come on board, particularly students who are studying the same course as me, and hopefully we can work together and learn from each other’s experiences,” said Indy-Lee.

Indy-Lee’s determination and hard work have been paying off, and she is motivated to continue her studies even after completing her Certificate III in Hospitality to further support career progression.

“After completing my current course, my plan is to study support work, which will open employment opportunities within aged care,” shared Indy-Lee.

As Indy-Lee continues her educational journey at the TUC, she is filled with excitement and gratitude for the opportunities it offers. She is confident that with the support of the TUC, she will be able to achieve her goals and make a meaningful contribution to her community.

Indy-Lee’s story marks the first chapter of the TUC journey, as the service embarks on a mission to create a profound and positive impact in the lives of students residing in regional, rural, and remote areas.