Inspiring regional students to dream big

Cassie, is on a path to turn her career aspirations into reality, bolstered by the support of the Tablelands University Centre (TUC). Her journey, extending from a background in veterinary science to her ambitious pursuit of a Masters in Neuroscience, is underpinned by a profound mission: to enhance the lives of her fellow veterinarians grappling with the complex challenges of mental health. Reflecting on her first higher education experience which began with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Cassie recognizes the remarkable evolution of technology and communication. She believes advancements have revolutionized the landscape of remote learning, making it more accessible and convenient than ever before. This progress has empowered her to embark on her academic journey once more, granting her the flexibility to remain deeply connected to the community she loves, while managing family and career commitments. Central to Cassie’s journey is the TUC. It serves as a cornerstone in her pursuit of higher education while living regionally. The quiet and conducive study environment provided has proven invaluable to her focus and academic success, amplifying her efficiency and productivity. Cassie also lauds the support she has received, which has guided her through the intricacies of assessment layouts and referencing requirements. Cassie hopes to inspire others living regionally to dream big, no matter where they reside, as higher education becomes increasingly accessible.