Pioneering Pharmacy in Regional Queensland

Holly, a dedicated locum pharmacist on the Atherton Tablelands, has embarked on a pioneering journey in the realm of pharmacy with the support of the TUC. Pursuing a Post Graduate Full Scope Pharmacy degree in collaboration with JCU and QUT, this pilot initiative aims to enhance access to primary healthcare services in North Queensland communities. Starting with a Bachelor in Pharmacy, Holly moved from Tolga to Townsville in 2019. After graduation, she returned to her hometown, launching her career. Now presented with an opportunity to address crucial healthcare needs in regional areas, Holly has enthusiastically embraced external study. The flexibility it offers aligns perfectly with her lifestyle. Unlike conventional on-campus learning, Holly thrives in a flexible environment, affording her the autonomy to work at her own pace and select study hours that align with her schedule. Reflecting on friends who lacked the means to relocate for higher education after high school, Holly sees the Tablelands’ regional university study hub as a gateway for regional students to access, engage, and excel in their academic pursuits. She hopes her efforts and dedication can inspire other regional students and professionals alike.