TUC offers a dedicated space to study

Regional University Study Hub located on the Atherton Tablelands

Kim, a determined and ambitious rural student eagerly registered to use the Tablelands University Centre (TUC) to support her education journey. Having spent most of her life in the Tablelands region, with a brief stint in Cairns, she knew that her heart belonged in her hometown. With unwavering determination, she made the decision to pursue her education and employment goals in her beloved community, where she could make a positive impact and contribute to its growth and development.

Kim’s passion for finance led her to enrol in an online Bachelor Degree of Accounting through CQU, after working in hairdressing since the age of 15. Determined to fast track her career progression, she also secured part-time employment with a local accounting firm while undertaking full-time study.

After a year of studying externally, Kim was thrilled when she learned about the opening of the TUC. She saw it as an opportunity to have a dedicated space to focus on her studies without distractions at home.

“I’m so grateful for the study space at the TUC,” Kim shares. “I now have a place to go where I can just do Uni rather than getting distracted by things at home.”

Beyond the dedicated study space, Kim is also excited about the opportunity to connect with other like-minded peers who are pursuing their academic goals at the TUC. She believes that mutual support and encouragement will make a significant difference in her education journey, and is excited to connect and collaborate with students as enrolments grow.

“I haven’t met any other students on the Tablelands studying accounting yet, and it would be great to connect to help each other along the way,” shared Kim.

For Kim, the TUC is a fantastic addition to the Tablelands region, creating a campus-like environment that fosters success. It enables her to pursue her educational goals while remaining connected to her community.

The TUC offers a supportive and conducive environment for learning, complete with opportunities to connect and collaborate with like-minded peers, similar to a traditional campus setting. This sense of community and support at the TUC will undoubtedly help Kim thrive in her educational journey and achieve her academic aspirations while she remains rooted in the community she knows and loves.